The main theme of the conference is paradigm shift in marketing practices to millennials. In today’s environment, success of marketing largely depends upon its ability to facilitate and sustain meaningful engaging experience for Millennials. Millennials are one of the most talked about generations in the marketing industry. Millennials are different than earlier generations because they grew up with an unmatched presence of technology in their lives and they are one of the most studied generations because of that. They prefer to shop and book on mobile.
Millennials think differently especially when it comes to online behavior. They react differently to trigger points because of the way they grew, full of technology and social media. Millennials want to feel connected and involved when it comes to their purchases, and traditional marketing does not encourage this. Thus this conference aims to encourage discussions about uncertain & dynamic behavior of millennials and the marketing strategies adopted by Companies to attract them.

We are inviting Empirical/Conceptual/Working research papers, case studies/models and also posters for the International Conference on Marketing for the Millennials


The conference invites Academic Scholars, Corporate Executives , and Management Students to participate by
sharing their Research Papers and Case Studies on the following sub-themes-
• Channel Marketing
• Mobile Marketing & Retargeting
• Role of ecommerce, Social Media & Digital marketing for delivering value to millennials
• New research approaches for delivering value for millennials
• Customer Acquisition and Engagement
• Social Media Marketing
• Targeting & Optimization
• Video Marketing
• Data Science & Big Data
• Web Analytics
• Email Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Paid Search Marketing
• Marketing & Sales Automation
• Sustainable Growth Strategies
• Product Marketing

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